Ashley T. Malibu, Ca

"In just one session, Gina helped me realize the true reason why I was not able to move on after my breakup. I am now involved in a happy and healthy relationship feeling free to love again!"

Lisa M. Pasadena, CA

"For years I couldn't lose weight even though I had tried every diet out there. Gina helped me realize that it was not about the food that I was eating, but about what was eating me. She not only worked with me on decreasing my anxiety but helped me create amazing recipes and cooking techniques that worked for me. I have now lost 18 pounds without dieting and I feel great"

Jason, New York, NY

"I was skeptical about going to a Life Coach but Gina Eckstein really found the true reasons why I was stuck. She helped me move forward and work through my fear. I am now in the process of starting my own business and Gina is helping me achieve that dream."

Tanya, Phoenix, AZ

"Gina is so easy to talk to. She is my personal cheerleader and guide. She makes our online sessions fun, enlightening and very productive."

(Confidential name), Calabasas, CA

"I was feeling insecure and felt too much pressure from my peers at school. Gina helped me sort out my priorities and helped me deal with high school. She was always there to talk to and helped me sort out my path."

Rebecca, Mexico City, Mexico

"Muchisimas gracias Gina. Me ayudaste muchisimo. Especialmente ayudandome a mejorar las relaciones con mi familia."